Dental Technologies We Use at Urban Smiles

Urban Smiles Victoria delivers the care our patients deserve, in both dental care and customer experience. We are continually investing in technology that will deliver unparalleled results that dentistry has to offer in the most convenient manner possible.

Urban Smiles utilizes the latest technology and techniques that:

  • deliver easy, comfortable, and convenient dental solutions,
  • prevent and correct oral problems that compromise overall health,
  • restore teeth to brilliant perfection, and
  • provide functional and aesthetic solutions that support career and lifestyle goals.
CariVu technology


Dental X-rays omit a very minimal amount of radiation but for some people, even a small amount is something they’d rather not be exposed to. Urban Smiles offers CariVu – a portable device that detects cavities and decay without radiation. CariVu uses near-infrared light that turns the natural tooth transparent and the cavities dark. Images are captured and stored with the patient’s other images.

Itero dental imaging

Itero Dental Imaging

3D technology has changed the way many things work, including dentistry. We are proud to offer the iTero oral scanning system – a 3D scanner that creates a computer-generated model of your teeth for mouth, sport or bruxism guards, No more gagging on impression material – the iTero method is comfortable, incredibly accurate, and amazing to watch as it offers a simulated view of your teeth post-procedure.

Dental X- rays

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are pictures of the teeth, bones and gums that we use to help find and prevent problems early, such as cavities and hidden issues that can’t be seen through a standard oral exam, like wisdom teeth and structural problems. Digital X-rays are sent to our computer system, so they can be recorded and saved to our patient files, as well as easily shared with patients. Digital X-Ray’s are preferable to conventional, as they provide less radiation, but the same quality of image, and are more environmentally friendly.

WAND technology


Not surprisingly, the fear of needles is one of the main concerns people have about visiting the dentist. But needles, like many dental services, are not what they used to be. Urban Smiles offers The WAND – a computer-controlled anesthetic system that helps overcome fear, pain and anxiety.

Most people do not realize that the source of pain during injections is not usually the needle but the flow of anesthetic to your tissue. The WAND delivers the numbing agent utilizing a computerized system that gently pushes the anaesthetic into place…. to achieve a comfortable delivery and adequate anaesethesia.