Preventing Dry Mouth in the Winter

Dry mouth is one of the most common dental problems experienced during the winter season. It is often caused by decreased saliva production of salivary glands, medications, and certain medical conditions. However, during the winter, most of us stay indoors as much as possible with the heat on, which draws out moisture in the air. […]

Holidays Sugar Craze

With the holiday season upon us, celebrations with family and friends are coming left and right. And with these parties and events comes non-stop eating and drinking too. It’s the sugar season and aside from being mindful about our diet, we should also be thinking about our teeth. How does sugar affect our teeth Sugar […]

Dental Care Must-Haves for Holiday Travel

When packing for a trip, we often forget the simplest things we need to keep our travel enjoyable and hassle-free. Typical travel checklists often forget to include what you need to keep your teeth clean and happy. Here are six items you should always have on your trip to ensure you’re on track with your […]

Ways to Replace an Extracted Tooth

If your dentist has told you that he or she will need to pull out one tooth or more… don’t fret because there are several ways on how the dentist can replace it. The following are the options to replace a missing or extracted tooth: Removable partial denture If you are missing one or more […]

The Benefit of Sealant for your Kids

You, parents, might be doing a great job in teaching your child how to properly brush their teeth and floss; but it’s not very easy to clean some teeth in the oral cavity – particularly the molars.   Teeth in the most posterior part of the mouth are called molars. It is used primarily for […]

Diabetes and Your Smile

Effective dental management is vital for patients with diabetes mellitus. If you have diabetes, you may have a lowered resistance to infections, delayed healing, and multiple systemic infections. The presence of an infection such as periodontitis, a gum disease, may intensify symptoms and make diabetes more difficult to regulate. Diabetes affects how your body metabolizes […]

Dental Emergencies

Accidents will happen no matter how careful we are. What important is to have presence of mind to deal with the situation. According to American Dental Association (ADA), dental emergencies have increased each year due to increasing involvement in physical activities or sports. There are several causes of tooth injury that require immediate dental care […]