Sedation Dentistry in Victoria British Columbia

Are you avoiding the dental care you need because visiting the dentist makes you anxious or concerned? You’re not alone. Many people fear visiting the dentist and we believe that it’s our job to alleviate those fears and make your dental experience as pleasant as possible. Sedation dentistry is a great way to have a more relaxing experience.

A stress-free and even enjoyable experience really is our aim at Urban Smiles. We want you to visit regularly and we do all we can to ensure your comfort, regardless of the procedure. In addition to the technology and sedation options, we offer:

Anesthetic for cleanings if necessary
TVs for distraction and education
Paraffin wax hand treatments
Full body massage chair prior to relax you prior to treatment

Sedation Dentistry

Whether you have strong gag reflex, anxiety, or would like to complete multiple treatments in one visit, sedation may be the answer to ensure that your emotional & physical comfort is taken care of while we care for your teeth.

Oral (pharmacological) sedation is the most common and inexpensive form of light sedation. Oral medication puts patients at ease but not to sleep. Many patients often do not recall the smells, noises or lights associated with the treatment. Depending on the dosage, patients may need to arrange for a safe ride home.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) has become the preferred method of sedation in dentistry. It is safe and easily administered through a nose mask throughout the procedure, leaving the patient less aware of pain and less anxious, while still being able to interact with the dental team. It requires little set-up, works very rapidly, and leaves the system quickly, allowing patients to drive and function almost immediately.

New Technologies

Dental technology has given much attention to the idea of making anxious patients more comfortable during their visits. And we give much attention to understanding and providing these advances to our patients.

CariVu technology


Dental X-rays omit a very minimal amount of radiation but for some people, even a small amount is something they’d rather not be exposed to. Urban Smiles offers CariVu – a portable device that detects cavities and decay without radiation. CariVu uses near-infrared light that turns the natural tooth transparent and the cavities dark. Images are captured and stored with the patient’s other images.

WAND technology


Not surprisingly, the fear of needles is one of the main concerns people have about visiting the dentist. But needles, like many dental services, are not what they used to be. Urban Smiles offers The WAND – a computer-controlled anesthetic system that helps overcome fear, pain and anxiety.

Most people do not realize that the source of pain during injections is not usually the needle but the flow of anesthetic to your tissue. The WAND delivers the numbing agent utilizing a computerized system that gently pushes the anaesthetic into place…. to achieve a comfortable delivery and adequate anaesethesia.