Preventive Dental Care in Victoria BC

Like your health in general, it’s far better to stay ahead of your oral health than to play catch up when things go wrong. And it’s our job to help when it comes to prevention. From regular cleanings and examinations to early disease detection, Urban Smiles can help bring your smile back to life.

Dental hygiene treatments


Regular hygiene appointments with one of our attentive and gentle hygienists are an essential part of your overall oral health. Dental hygiene has benefits far beyond preventing cavities:

• Stops tooth loss by preventing or controlling gum disease
Brightens your smile
• Freshens breath
• Detects early oral cancer
• Saves money by getting the most from your dental plan
• Boosts overall health

To help you feel relaxed during your dental hygiene appointment, ask your hygienist for a complementary paraffin hand treatment. It will soothe aching joints and create a pleasant distraction.

We recommend hygiene appointments every six months but people with gum (periodontal) disease might require more frequent visits. We are happy to discuss an oral health program that is just right for you.

Mouth sport & bruxism guards

Mouth, Sport & Bruxism Guards

As many as one in three people clench or grind their teeth – usually without even knowing it. And most do it at night, waking up with a sore jaw or headache. This is called “bruxism”. Aside from pain, bruxism can cause damage or even loosen teeth. Protecting your teeth and mouth from potential harm starts with a dental consultation to identify the issue and ends with finding the right solution.

When you brux, the forces on your teeth are many times greater than during normal chewing and can cause flattened, worn or lose teeth and often damage to the jawbone or joints. Other symptoms include sore or tired jaw, earaches and headaches. Sometimes missing, worn, or misaligned teeth cause you to grind your teeth into a more comfortable position. In this case, neuromuscular dentistry, along with an orthotic, is the first course of treatment. Once complete, orthodontics, crowns, bridges or equilibration may be next. These treatments can restore your bite and eliminate grinding and clenching.

While there are many sport guards on the market, having one that is custom-fitted by a dentist can provide full protection with less bulk, making it easier to breathe and enjoy your sport.

Fluoride & desensitization treatments

Fluoride & Desensitization Treatments

Having sensitive teeth can make regular activities like eating, drinking and brushing your teeth very uncomfortable. Sensitivity is typically the result of worn tooth enamel but can also be caused by exposed roots, cavities, chipped teeth and other factors.

Depending on the cause of the problem, we offer several ways – including fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel and desensitization treatments that apply bonding resin to sensitive root surfaces – to alleviate sensitivities and make life more enjoyable again.

Oral exams

Complete Oral Exam

An oral examination is the first step in maintaining oral health and recognizing potential problems. We recommend a complete oral exam on your first visit and every three to five years thereafter. Follow-up exams should be done in conjunction with cleaning every six months.