Happy Thanksgiving from Your Favorite Victoria Dentist!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year at Urban Smiles Victoria, from receiving a best dentist in Victoria award to the upcoming launch of Urban Smiles Colville, our second dental clinic in Victoria.  These achievements are the direct result of having the best dental patients and the best dental team on Vancouver Island (in our humble opinion).  We’d like to take this opportunity to send out heartfelt thanks to all associated with our Victoria dental clinic, together with our wishes for a restful and happy family holiday this Thanksgiving!

While you are enjoying this much anticipated time of the year, we want to remind you that your oral health isn’t on vacation (and maybe even an extra floss or brush will be in order)! Regardless of what your plans are this holiday, here are a few things to remember to keep your smile healthy and happy: 

Know What Your Teeth Like

Turkey, green beans, apples, milk, and other vegetables and proteins can actually help fight tooth decay, limiting foods filled with starch or sugar can help prevent likeliness of cavities.

Drink Up (Water That is)

We all know water is great for our overall health, but during holiday dinner’s it can be easy to opt for other drinks like wine or soda that dehydrate and lead to staining of teeth. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to increase healthy saliva flow in your mouth to help prevent the accumulation of plaque and other food particles on your teeth.

Be Prepared

We know that Thanksgiving leftovers and treats can be hard to stay away from. If you are visiting with family or friends, make sure to plan ahead and bring a “dental kit” with floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and whatever else you might need to help clean your teeth of all of the extra treats we tend to sneak in during the Thanksgiving season. 

*This is especially important for those with braces, Invisalign, or dentures which might need a little extra elbow grease and care to keep clean. 

Be Cautious

During the holidays, we have seen everything that can go wrong with your teeth, from crunching on ice, eating hard candy, or in rare cases, opening bottles or lids with your teeth.  In case of a dental emergency, have the number of our Victoria dental clinic on your fridge and your phone.

Schedule a Pre- or Post-Holiday Dental Cleaning

Regular dental cleanings are the most important part of maintaining a healthy smile and the best way to prevent issues before they arise. Whether you want to get your smile fresh after indulging during the holidays or schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment to achieve a brighter smile for future holiday celebrations, remember…we are here for you!

Take a Breath

One of the most important tips to remember this holiday season: take a breath. Thanksgiving often comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. Make time for a break by shutting your phone off or taking in some fresh fall air…we can all use time to relax and unwind. Enjoy your friends, family, and give thanks. After all, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is truly about?

Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. Rachel Staples and the team at Urban Smiles Victoria.