Holidays Sugar Craze

With the holiday season upon us, celebrations with family and friends are coming left and right. And with these parties and events comes non-stop eating and drinking too. It’s the sugar season and aside from being mindful about our diet, we should also be thinking about our teeth.

How does sugar affect our teeth

Sugar itself is not harmful – the real culprit is its byproduct of bacteria.  Several bacteria call your mouth their home and sugar is their primary food. After eating, these bacteria consume the sugar in food and produce acid which make your mouth highly acidic. If your mouth’s acid levels are high, the outer layer of our teeth softens and is vulnerable for bacteria to damage our teeth.

What to do to prevent tooth damage?

After eating sugary food, drink a lot of water to wash away food particles stuck in between teeth. Another way is to limit how frequently you eat. After eating, the mouth will return to its normal level after a few hours. However, if you consume food again, the acidity will change again.

You may also want to add food rich in fiber such as avocados, beans, nuts, and legumes. Food rich in fiber requires some vigorous chewing which is good for the gums and teeth. The act of chewing ramps up the production of saliva which helps in the cleansing of your mouth.

On the other hand, brushing immediately after consuming sugary and acidic food is not recommended. With the outer part of the teeth soft and vulnerable, brushing may cause further damage to your teeth. Aside from drinking a lot of water, you can also rinse or gargle after you finish eating.

Of course, don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth at the end of the day to prevent decay from developing. And be sure to drop visit your dentist during or after the holiday season to help treat and clean your teeth!

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