New Patients

Welcome to Urban Smiles Victoria Dental Clinic where we have got the locals smiling their brightest smiles. We help individuals and families that are searching for dental services nearby as we offer full-service dentistry in a family-friendly, comfortable environment. We are committed to providing a positive contribution to our community as we are passionate about offering patient-centred care with the use of the latest and greatest technology.

We will embrace and drive change and ensure that all new patients are well-informed about the best dentistry services and treatments they could obtain. The comfort and care of our patients is our top priority, which is why we offer a free consultation to everyone to answer all their questions. At Urban Smiles Victoria, you can expect to receive patient-centric care that is personalized for you by every member of our team.

We strive to make your first visit with us a memorable and pleasant one so that you leave with a wide and bright smile on your face. Our dentists will conduct a dental examination, and the findings will be discussed with you before any treatment is started. If the treatment plan is extensive, a second consultation may be required.

Health History

In order to provide you with care, the dentist, hygienists and assistants need to know of any health conditions as well as current medications. This way we can be certain that any treatments we recommend are truly in your best interest, and your health will not be put at risk. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete a dental and health history. You may also choose to complete the form at home online before your visit.

Dental Records

It is often helpful to have access to your most recent X-rays and dental history. We are happy to contact your former dentist on your behalf to request those. In some cases, a written release is required and can be provided by Urban Smiles.

Insurance Payments

As a courtesy, we accept assignment of payment from your insurer, with very few exceptions. We do our best to estimate limits set by your insurer and we are happy to send pre-authorizations at your request. In the event that your insurance company does not pay what we expected, it is your responsibility to pay the balance. We do request that you keep a credit card number on file with us but we will always call for permission before charging your card.

Your First Visit

Thank you for choosing Urban Smiles Victoria for all your dental needs. Your care and comfort is our top priority. In preparation for your first visit please read this page as many of your questions will be answered here. At Urban Smiles Victoria you can expect to receive patient centred care, personalized for you by every member of our team. We strive to make your first visit with us a pleasant one!!

Before your first appointment please ensure that we have the following items listed below. This will ensure efficiency in getting started with your appointment on time.

  • Please complete the online new patient forms by clicking on this Link
  • Insurance card/ information such as yearly limits or exclusions
  • A list of all medications and doses and for what conditions were they prescribed
  • Last set of X-rays from previous dentist or a name and phone number for us to call
  • Please let us know if you have any special needs such as wheelchair accessibility or if you require sedation for your dental appointments

During your first visit you will receive a comprehensive evaluation by your hygienist and dentist. Essentially you can expect an exam from the neck up. Your dental practitioner will talk to you about your dental and medical history and note any questions or concerns you may have.

Many health conditions are indicated in the mouth and can affect oral health, so your medical information is extremely important in diagnosing issues with your teeth, gums and mouth.

During your initial visit we will:

  • Take full mouth X-rays to identify any current problems and to use as a baseline on future visits to detect early signs and symptoms of disease or problems. Canadian Dental Association recommends taking full mouth X-rays every 3-5 years.
  • Assess the gums for health or disease
  • Examine teeth for cavities and to determine the condition of the old dental restorations
  • Perform a had and neck exam, including salivary glands, lymph nodes for lumps or bumps or other abnormalities.
  • Screen for Oral Cancer and TMJ (jaw joint assessment)
  • In most cases, the hygiene therapy will be booked at a second appointment with your hygienist

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

After completing the dental examination and cleaning, our doctor will talk to you about the findings, discuss a regular dental exam schedule, and develop a dental treatment plan (if needed) and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If the treatment plan is extensive a second consultation with the dentist may be required

If treatments require a specialist, we will set up the referral for you.

Get in touch today for your first consultation at Urban Smiles Victoria!