Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Halloween

Your friends from your favorite Victoria dental clinic want to help protect your family during the Halloween Season from something much scarier than monsters and ghosts – the real enemy that sneaks up on all of us … tooth decay!  

With Halloween coming up, you might find yourself indulging on sweets more than you’re used to (we know we will!). The good news is that it is possible to indulge in your favorite treats and keep your smile healthy at the same time. 

Below are some tips from Dr. Staples and our Victoria dentist team for keeping your ‘fangs’ clean, healthy, and happy this season. 

Stay Sugar-Free!

The easiest way to keep your smile healthy? Stay sugar-free! We all know that the acidic sugars in sweet treats can lead to cavities. There are a lot of sugar-free options out there that can eliminate the worry of harming your teeth altogether.

Moderation Is Key

Moderation is an important tip to remember to keep your smile healthy during the holiday months. Everyone deserves a little candy every now and again! Balance it out with other healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables, and rinse with water after a snack. 

Timing is Everything

If possible, time your sweets to be eaten close to mealtimes. Your saliva production is increased during meals and can help wash away food particles. Brushing after your meal will keep your teeth clean, so if you’re eating sweets at the same time, you can also brush away those sugars.

Steer Clear of the Sticky

Stickier candies like caramels and licorice can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth. While this happens with most foods, the stickier the food the harder it is to get washed away by saliva. Opt for treats like chocolate or other candies that dissolve easily if you aren’t able to brush after to avoid having sugar lingering on your teeth throughout the day. 

Know What You’re Eating

Sugar can be hidden in things that we wouldn’t expect. From your pumpkin spiced latte to Frozen Yogurt, it is important to check the ingredients of whatever you’re putting into your body. 

If things turn really scary this Halloween and you experience a dental emergency…keep our number handy and place a call for help to your friendly Downtown Victoria Dentist Urban Smiles Victoria!